Reflex Fabrications

About Reflex Fabrication

Reflex Fabrication was born when a filmmaker (Nick Haidet) teamed up with an engineer (his brother, Andy) to create a 15mm rail system that was simple, affordable and flexible.

Nick has a degree in media production and has worked for a video production company for 3 years. He also has been shooting weddings as a side business. Shooting wedding videos, you only have one chance to get the perfect shot and the stakes are high, being one of the most important moments in the clients’ lives. Nick needed a tool to help him get the perfect shot on the happy couple’s perfect day. Every weekend, he was out shooting weddings and during the week, using pro rigs. Unhappy with the complexity, price and inflexibility of the pro rigs, he went to his brother with some of his thoughts.

Andy has always had a knack for all things mechanical. From a young age, he was always taking things apart to see how they worked. His love for things mechanical and, cars in particular, drove him to get a degree in mechanical engineering. During his time in college, he worked on a FSAE racing team where he learned many fabrication and machining skills. Since graduation, he has worked in the industry as a mechanical engineer. His passion to create helped fuel his desire to own a CNC milling machine. The steep cost associated with professional milling machines initially hampered this desire. After researching and finding others who had created their own homebuilt CNC machines, he undertook the task of creating his own machine based on one of the affordable manual bench top milling machines available. Shortly after completing the machine, Nick came to Andy with a desire to create his own Camera Rail system. The rest is history.