Reflex Fabrications

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reflex ship internationally?

Yes. We have shipped rigs all over the world. The Shopping Cart/Bag will calculate shipping to your door.

Please be aware that depending on your country's laws, your rig may have to go through customs (which can take days or weeks depending on your country) and may be subject to additional import taxes. We have no control of either of these situations. Providing your phone number at checkout can help to speed up the customs process.

Can I return my rig?

Yes. We offer a 30-day return policy on all of our rigs. If your rig or a piece of the rig arrives broken, we'll ship a new rig/part to you at no cost. Depending on what's wrong the broken part, we may ask you to send it back to us (at our expense) so that it can be repaired and sold as a refurbished part. If you simply decided that you do not want to keep your rig, ship the rig back to us (at your expense) and we'll refund the full cost of the rig.

Do Reflex rigs come with a warranty?

Yes, all Reflex rigs come with a 2-year warranty. If anything breaks during that period, we will replace the broken part at no cost to you. If something breaks outside of your warranty period, Reflex rigs are typically very cheap to repair since they are modular and only one part will need to be replaced.

I have some questions about my rig or want to ask about a potential purchase. What's the best way to contact Reflex?

Typically we handle all our communication with customers via email. We try to respond as quickly as possible (often within 2-4 hours during business hours (EST)). This helps us to keep our prices reasonable as we do not have to pay someone to answer the phone all day. In the rare chance your question cannot be answered in a few short emails we can schedule a video chat via Google Hangout or can set up a phone call.

Can rigs be upgraded?

Yes. All our rigs use the same basic parts (Quick Clamps, Handles, shoulder pad, 15mm rails). You only need to buy the additional or the few different parts between rigs to upgrade. The upgrade cost is roughly the difference in price between rigs.