Reflex Fabrications

Reflex Mini Clamp

Mini Clamps are great for adding small accessories to your 15mm rig. Whether you need to mount an audio recorder or an articulating arm, the Mini Clamp is a simple, lightweight, and robust solution. The Mini Clamp includes a thumb screw. By threading the thumbscrew into the accessory you're trying to mount, the Mini Clamp tightens down on the rail. With only one thumbscrew that both attaches the accessory and tightens the clamp on the rail, the Mini Clamp is incredibly easy to use and adjust. The Mini Clamp is available in two styles, 6061 anodized aluminum and Delrin. The aluminum version is perfect for mounting accessories that you want to be rock solid on your rig. This is most likely the version you want if you want your accessories fixed to the rig. The Delrin version can be spun smoothly on the rod if only tightened snugly. This is used on our monitor mount to allow the monitor to be rotated on the rod to make adjustments to the angle of the screen.


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